Rooftop Smokehouse

High quality traditional smoked products for individuals and professionals.

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Artisan and local smoked products

We also ferment and pickle.

Ideas for your recipes

Discover how we prepare our smoked products with seasonal ingredients at home.

Gift Boxes

At Rooftop Smokehouse, we are passionate about creating unforgettable moments through authentic and delicious flavors.

Our gift boxes are carefully designed to provide a unique dining experience, straight from our smoker to your loved ones' table.


The new Colmado Ahumado is located inside the Lehmann Factory, in Barcelona's Eixample, what was, many years ago, an old doll factory.

In our store you can find our entire range of smoked products; from the most classic products such as pastrami, butter or smoked trout, as well as the winners of the “Great Taste Awards” such as anchovies with butter or eel.

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